development services

Palari offers full suite of development services for multi-family and single-family residential properties in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles including:

- Market & Feasibility Studies

- Architectural, Landscape & Interior Design

- Survey & Soils Reports

- Structural & MEP 

- Permitting


new construction

Palari Construction Inc focuses on 1-4 unit residential construction in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills with special focus on Accessory-Dwelling-Units (ADUs). New state laws in effect in 2020 make it easier and cheaper to build ADUs on single-family and multi-family lots and Palari is  pioneering ADU development in Beverly Hills and western Los Angeles.

Palari can offer traditional stick built ground up construction or manufactured panelized construction as a certified installer for Proto Homes.


Palari Construction offers remodeling services for multi-family and single-family properties in Western Los Angeles, bringing over 60 years of construction expertise in multiple trades including drywall, framing, tiling, welding, roofing, plumbing and electrical.

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