Homes are assembled utilizing a 3D-printed panelized system by Mighty Buildings, printed in 80% automated precision quality controlled factory in Oakland, CA. Modular units and Panels are printed with proprietary Light Stone Material, a strong recyclable stone composite. State of the art factory is certified to UL 3401, standard for 3D Manufactured Buildings with home architecture approved at the state level via Housing Community Development (HCD) Factory Built Housing program (FBH). 


From the 3D-printing production process which eliminates 99% of construction waste, to the efficiency of zero net energy operations with solar and weather-resistant materials, Palari aims to minimize environmental impact of building homes.

99% less waste        Zero Net Energy     100% Recyclable Material 

Saves 2 tons of waste per home       All power needs supplied by solar       Stone composite - water-resistant & fire-retardant   



All homes are not created equal. Elements and environmental conditions within the home impact our health. All Our homes meet WELL Health & Safety Rating and include Advanced Air Purification system by Delos. Complete home systems integrate DARWIN, a
state-of-the-art wellness intelligence solution to help enhance human health and well-being by improving indoor air quality and implementing localized water filtration and circadian lighting.

Experience Advanced Air Purification by Delos through a stand alone plug-in unit. As featured in New York City Public Schools, the "Delos Powered by Healthway" Compact air purification system is perfect for bedrooms, hotel rooms, offices and classrooms (suitable up to 550 square feet). The modular, portable system can be wall-mounted and is often installed in multiples to purify larger spaces. Patented "DFS" technology delivers advanced purification with a system specifically designed to reduce ultrafine particles in the air, reduce the presence of microorganisms in the air and prolong filter life by inhibiting the growth of captured microorganisms.