Tenancy-In-Common Co-Ownership

TICs are an alternative form of ownership to condos; like Co-Ops in New York, TICs were popularized in San Francisco to increase affordability of home-ownership.

TIC conversion allows multifamily properties to be converted to home-ownership interests providing an affordable alternative to condos.

From great weather and beaches to employment opportunities in entertainment, media and technology, there are plenty of reasons why Angelenos love their city, however this desirability comes at a price of some of the highest cost of home-ownership. New solutions to making home-ownership more affordable are needed and TICs are starting to arrive in Los Angeles, a city with largest aging multifamily housing stock in need of renovation. Palari LLC is leading the development of TIC  communities in West Los Angeles, making the dream of home-ownership more attainable while preserving historic  properties  for generations to come.

What is a



1br,1ba | 504sf

$300,000 - 350,000



marina del rey

2 Bed,1 bath | 705sf

$575,000 - $600,000



beverly hills

2br,1.5ba | 1,280sf

$1,200,000 - $1,800,000

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